In the 1970s a group of college students in West Texas went into the streets of El Paso with the simple desire to serve the poor. Quickly though, these students came to realize there was a population amidst the impoverished themselves who would not be served by other shelters. Undocumented immigrants, who found themselves hungry and homeless in a foreign land, were being turned away at every shelter. This begged the questions: Can we serve the undocumented? Do we open our doors to those whom others have cast aside? Is it it legal to house and shelter the undocumented?

Despite the risk of litigation, Annunciation House opened its doors and began to shelter immigrants. People came from all over: South America, Central America, Mexico, the Caribbean, and elsewhere. Over 30 years later, this house in West Texas has housed over 100,000 people from all over the world; providing shelter, food, and a consistent ethic that compassion extends beyond borders.

This film documents the work of Annunciation House and its guests. Join us as we watch volunteers struggling with their place of privilege in the house, while we see migrants preparing for the next leg of their journey deeper into America.